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Bermudagrass - Common

 Introduced- Perrenial - Warm Season 

Bermudagrass is an aggressive, long lived, sod forming grass that can become 8 to 16 inches tall. It is has good forage value for all classes of livestock but is of little value for wildlife and has even been referred to as a "biological desert for wildlife."  Areas greater than 50% Bermudagrass greatly reduce available wildlife habitat. Due to fertilization needs for grazing, it is usually viewed as an unsustainable grass alone for livestock production. 


Bermudagrass seed has an outer, protective, seed coat. When sold with this seed coat intact, it is referred to as un-hulled bermudagrass seed. Un-hulled bermuda requires longer to germinate, but is more hardy and less likely to sprout pre-maturely. Hulled bermudagrass seed can access water easier than un-hulled and therefore can sprout and establish quicker. However, if conditions are not optimal, hulled bermuda may sprout quickly and then die.


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