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"These next few pics they are right in front of house. Main Beamer's not really very big, bet he doesn't weigh much more than 130 lbs. He is a beautiful buck though and has some pretty decent antler mass, although he's not very wide, maybe 15"? Looks like he lost his left brow tine, must have been fighting. Would love to see this guy in 3 yrs from now! Good to know he's breeding some of the does around here!" 

"So I looked out the window because I thought I saw something move outside this morning and look who was lurking around the house. Main Beamer, and he's chasing a girlfriend! If you ever build foodplots on your ranch, build one near your home if possible and you'll end up getting pics like these below, especially during the rut. First saw this doe and Main Beamer all the way at the end of my foodplot, which is probably 150yds away, and he was following her. She made her way along the fence line in front of the house and just started hanging around the front of the house from 10am to dark, browsing along that fenceline with MB following her. In most of these pics below they are about 50yds from the front porch. Gotta keep your eyes open during the rut, these knuckleheads lose virtually any instinct for survival when they're after a doe.  Anyway, here's lots of pics of Main Beamer and his girlfriend." 


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Fall Deer Mix
Elbon Rye
Austrian Winterpeas
Hairy Vetch
Yellow Madrid Clover
Hubam Clover5%
Yuchi Arrowleaf5%
Essex Rape2%
Cost Per Acre$30.00
Cost Per Pound$0.60
Pounds Per Acre50.00
September 15 - March 1

Deer & Turnips

Backyard Food Plot

"Thanks to Mr. J Mercer at Turner Seed in Breckenridge for providing the fall and spring food-plot seed blends for deer and turkey I've used for the last 12 years. Every year I've used these products my deer have grown larger antlers and increased their body size. Good stuff! I told J once they needed to take the turnips out of the fall blend as I've never seen a deer eat one to this day. He told me that deer eat turnips. No sense in arguing, I told him I would pull a few up and put em in a pile near one of my feeders and we'd just see if they'll eat em! I told him it was hogwash that deer eat turnips!! Check out the pic below from that first night!!"

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"Ha ha ha, you gotta love it! Sorry J Mercer, I stand corrected!! LOL"

-​Randy Tucker-