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 Introduced- Perrenial - Warm Season 

‚ÄčKleingrass is an introduced bunch grass from Africa that grows 24 to 60 inches tall. The plant will increase by seeds as well as from the original plant via tillers. Kelingrass is planted for grazing and hay production in Texas. Fertilizer is necessary for optimum growth in monoculture stands. For native grass mixes, Kleingrass does very well. The grass is a good forage for cattle but can cause photosensitization, aka swellhead, in sheep and goats as well as liver damage in horses, sheep, and goats. The grass provides fair forage for deer and the seeds are utilized by birds. Kleingrass is sensitive to cold temperatures but can recover from heavy freezes via dormant seed.

(From Range Plants of North Central Texas - A Land user's Guide to Their Identification ,Value and Managment, 2014, by Ricky J. Linex, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service.)


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