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Planting Alamo Switch

​​The following story and photos were sent to us from a customer who reclaimed an old cotton field in Alamo Switchgrass. 

"Planting Alamo Switch (the following 10 photos) A bit of background --- not a farmer of any kind. Know my way around tractors and stuff from plowing snow in Vermont. Bought this place because of the possibility of restoring an old neglected set of fields around the house. High and sandy with a bit of low lying area that is about 4 feet about the water table. I've been able to recover the fields to a decent level and replace most of the lower cotton field with your switchgrass. Simply took my old Kubota and put a small tiller on the back...and turned all the cotton debris into the ground. Dragged it level and over seeded with and hand spreader containing your Alamo. Then dragged a screen across it followed by a weighted sheet of plywood to get good seed/ground contact. This was in May 2004. About 4 weeks later I could see the grass coming up among my crop of weeds. When the grass was about 6" high I hand spread ammonia nitrate

(50-60 lb. per acre) and simply stood back."