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My name is Blake O'Quinn and live down in Glen Rose. Bought some Klein Selection 75 grass seed from y'all to plant this spring through an EQIP program through NRCS. I've attached some pics that I thought y'all might would like to see. Planted 15 acres of grass at 4 lbs/acre back in early May and fertilized 150lbs/acre based on soil test. The first 2 pics were of field prep as we plowed old field multiple times and ran drag over a couple of times to smooth. We then slung seed with fertilizer truck because rain was coming and rolled with brillion to have good seed to soil contact. Next pics were taken June 21st and then August 24th. Have left it alone and watched it grow since rolling it. Plan on using field for hay and grazing in the future. Very pleased with stand and appreciate your company always providing quality seed that is clean with great germination rates. 

-Blake O'Quinn-


-​Randy Tucker-


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Backyard Food Plot

"Thanks for providing such fast service and quality products. I’m sending a picture from last years food plot that consisted of your spring deer mix and some sunflower and millet variety mixed in. This stand was planted in northern Montague County through a large mesquite flat. The plot was left standing all winter and provided deer and quail food most of the winter as verified by several game trails that developed." 


-Staley Keck-


"So I looked out the window because I thought I saw something move outside this morning and look who was lurking around the house. Main Beamer, and he's chasing a girlfriend! If you ever build foodplots on your ranch, build one near your home if possible and you'll end up getting pics like these below, especially during the rut. First saw this doe and Main Beamer all the way at the end of my foodplot, which is probably 150yds away, and he was following her. She made her way along the fence line in front of the house and just started hanging around the front of the house from 10am to dark, browsing along that fenceline with MB following her. In most of these pics below they are about 50yds from the front porch. Gotta keep your eyes open during the rut, these knuckleheads lose virtually any instinct for survival when they're after a doe.  Anyway, here's lots of pics of Main Beamer and his girlfriend." 

"These next few pics they are right in front of house. Main Beamer's not really very big, bet he doesn't weigh much more than 130 lbs. He is a beautiful buck though and has some pretty decent antler mass, although he's not very wide, maybe 15"? Looks like he lost his left brow tine, must have been fighting. Would love to see this guy in 3 yrs from now! Good to know he's breeding some of the does around here!" 

"The following three pictures were taken of my best deer ever killed in my turnip field. I really appreciate all your help, wisdom and advise that has made my property so successful. I printed your planting instructions from the web site and followed it exactly. I have never heard of rolling the ground before and after spreading the seed and I did challenge that on a 1-acre field and only rolled it after I planted.  I can tell you that acre did not grow nearly as well as the other 5 acres. I planted 2 acres of turnips and 4 acres of your "winter deer mix" and everything came up and grew very well;
I see more deer than ever.  This deer scored a 146 and was only 3 1/2 years old. He liked the turnips so much that he ate while knowing I was in my blind! He came in at 120 yards and would never turn broad side. He faced me the whole time and ate while staring at the blind. If you look closely I think you can see the hole in his ear where my 308 bullet passed thru before entering his chest. Anyway, thanks for a great business, great advise and great products. Feel free to use any or all of this on your website."


-Brian R. McClenny-