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    Browntop Millet - VNS

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      Browntop Millet - VNS


      Browntop millet is an annual, warm-season grass that is widely cultivated in Asia, Africa, and the Americas for its edible grain, animal forage, and seed for wildlife. It is a hardy, drought-tolerant millet that can grow in a variety of soil types and climatic conditions. Browntop millet typically grows up to 36 inches tall and can tolerate a soil pH as low as 5.0 and as high as 8.0. It prefers a sandy loam soil but can grow in a variety of soil structures.

      Browntop millet can be a valuable source of food for wildlife. The grain is eaten by a variety of birds, including doves, sparrows, finches, and quail as well as small mammals such as mice and squirrels. In addition, the plant provides cover and nesting habitat for ground-nesting birds such as quails and pheasants. Browntop millet is often used as a component in wildlife food plots or mixed with other seeds to create a diverse food source for wildlife. The plant's ability to grow in a range of soil types and climates also makes it a versatile option for providing food and cover for wildlife in different regions. 

      The grain of browntop millet is small and round, and is used to make flour for flatbreads, porridges, and other traditional foods. In recent years, browntop millet has gained popularity as a gluten-free, nutrient-rich alternative to other grains, and has been studied for its potential health benefits.


      Common Name: Browntop Millet
      Variety: VNS
      Genus: Urochloa
      Species: ramosa
      Origin: Introduced


      Longevity: Annual
      Season: Warm


      PH Range: 5.0 - 6.5


      Rate Per Acre: 10 - 12
      Planting Dates: 4/15 - 6/1
      Seeds Per Pound: 145,000