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    Cane Bluestem - Native

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      Cane Bluestem - Native


      Cane bluestem is a warm-season perennial bunch grass native to North and South America and is commonly found in Texas, Mexico, New Mexico, and Arizona. It grows 24 to 48 inches and changes color throughout the year from blue-green during growing season to dull red maturity.

      Cane bluestem grows in a variety of soils but prefers calcareous deep loams or sandy loams. While it prefers area that get 12 - 16 inches of annual rainfall it can be found growing in areas of less rainfall in areas of periodic flooding. 

      While growing cane bluestem can provide good forage for cattle and sheep. It can be used as an erosion control plant. It is sometimes used as food and cover for wildlife species including quail, dove, rabbits, and other small rodents.

      Cane bluestem will decrease if overgrazed. The presence of cane bluestem is considered an indicator of good range condition.


      Common Name: Cane Bluestem
      Variety: Native
      Family: Poaceae
      Genus: Bothriochloa
      Species: barbinodis
      Origin: North America


      Longevity: Perennial
      Season: Warm
      Height: 24" - 48"
      Bloom Period: April - August


      PH Range: 7.2 - 8.0
      Annual Rainfall/Irrigation: 12" - 16"
      Light Requirement: 6 - 8+


      Rate Per Acre: 1.8
      Planting Dates: 12/1 - 6/1
      Seeds Per Pound: 750,000
      Planting Depth: 1/4"