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    Native Wildflower Mix

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      Native Wildflower Mix


      Native Wildflower Mix
      Common Name Season Time of Bloom Annual - Biennial - Perennial Color % By Weight
      Black-Eyed Susan Warm May - November ABP Yellow 11%
      Butterfly Milkweed Warm April - September Perennial Orange 1%
      Clasping Coneflower Warm May - June Annual Yellow/Dark Red 10%
      Common Milkweed Warm May - August Perennial Pink 1%
      Drummond Phlox Cool February - June Annual Red 1%
      Gayfeather Warm August - December Perennial Purple 7%
      Greenthread Cool February - December AP Yellow/Dark Red 5%
      Indian Blanket Warm February - December Annual Red/Yellow 5%
      Lemon Mint Warm April - October Annual Purple 6%
      Mealy Blue Sage Warm April - November Perennial Purple/Blue 1%
      Mexican Hat Warm March - November Perennial Yellow/Dark Red 5%
      Plains Coreopsis Warm April - June Annual Yellow/Dark Red 11%
      Prairie Coneflower Warm March - November Perennial Yellow 4%
      Purple Coneflower Warm May - June Perennial Purple 12%
      Purple Prairie Clover Warm June - July Perennial Purple 12%
      Scarlet Sage Warm March - December Perennial Red 1%
      Tahoka Daisy Cool May - October Annual Purple 1%
      White Prairie Clover Warm June - August Perennial White 3%
      White Yarrow Cool April - June Perennial White 2%
      Wild Bergamot Warm June - September Perennial Pink 1%


      Common Name: Native Wildflower Mix
      Variety: Turner Seed
      Species: Multiple Species
      Origin: North America


      Longevity: Perennial
      Season: Both



      Rate Per Acre: 8 - 10
      Planting Dates: 9/1 - 6/1