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    Purple Prairie Clover - Kaneb

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      Purple Prairie Clover - Kaneb


      Purple prairie clover is a native deep-rooted perennial legume that grows 12 to 36 inches tall. Being very palatable and nutritious, it is readily eaten by livestock, deer, and antelope and is considered excellent forage. In addition to having very high protein values, it also has good seed value for game and songbirds and is considered an excellent species for pollinators. Purple prairie clover decreases with heavy grazing pressure and can be managed with rotational grazing. 


      Common Name: Purple Prairie Clover
      Variety: Kaneb
      Genus: Dalea
      Species: purpurea
      Origin: North America
      Texas Native: Yes


      Longevity: Perennial
      Season: Warm
      Height: 12" - 36"
      Bloom Color: Purple
      Bloom Period: June - July
      Germ Temp F: 65



      Rate Per Acre: 3
      Planting Dates: 12/1 - 6/1
      Seeds Per Pound: 290,000