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    Sideoats Grama - El Reno

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      Sideoats Grama - El Reno


      Sideoats grama is a native, perennial, warm grass native to North America. Sideoats grama is the official state grass of Texas. It will produce seed 2 to three times per year, depending on moisture, from May until November. Sideoats grama provides high quality, nutritious, and palatable forage for all classes of livestock. Because of its palatability, sideoats grama is easily overgrazed. Rotational grazing, proper grazing use, and appropriate stocking rates are necessary to manage this grass.

      El Reno is a variety of sideoats grama that was released cooperatively in 1944 by the SCS, Manhattan, Kansas Plant Materials Center and Kansas AES. Seed was originally collected from a field location near El Reno, Oklahoma in 1934.


      Common Name: Sideoats Grama
      Variety: El Reno
      Genus: Bouteloua
      Species: curtipendula
      Origin: North America


      Longevity: Perennial
      Season: Warm



      Rate Per Acre: 4.5
      Planting Dates: 12/1 - 6/1
      Seeds Per Pound: 143,000
      Bushel Weight: 10