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    Waterfowl Mix

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      Waterfowl Mix


      A  waterfowl food plot is a specific type of habitat management technique used to attract and sustain waterfowl. It involves planting specific crops that provide a reliable source of food for waterfowl.

      The plot is typically located near a wetland or other body of water that provides the birds with a reliable source of drinking water and a place to rest . Edges of ponds or floodable areas are common choices for such food plots.

      Waterfowl Mix
      Japanese Millet
      Browntop Millet 20%
      Rice 20%
      Buckwheat 15%
      Hybrid Grain Sorghum 10%
      Barnyard Grass 5%
      Smartweed 5%
      Cost Per Acre $30.00
      Cost Per Pound $2.00
      Pounds Per Acre 15.00
      When To Plant Spring (After Last Frost) - Early Summer (Before Rains Stop)


      Common Name: Waterfowl Mix
      Variety: Turner Seed


      Longevity: Warm Season
      Season: Warm Season



      Rate Per Acre: 15
      Planting Dates: 4/1 - 6/1
      Planting Depth: 1/2 Inch